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>reading Crossed oh god you poor soul.

Like, don’t get me wrong, Crossed is, hands down, one of the absolute worst comics I have ever read, but that’s not because of the rape and gore and stuff. It’s just so. Goddamn. Boring. 

Filed under ihodor it's literally just people being killed and raped an entire series of that no story no plot it's just gore and it's DULL

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ihodor asked: There's also a pretty faithful MTV cartoon for the first 11 issues, which is up for streaming IIRC. Fair warning, though, the series deals with topics like rape, though it's pretty mature about it.

Thanks for the warning! After reading Crossed I can basically handle anything though, haha. 

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ihodor asked: The Maxx is about a homeless guy with the delusions of being a superhero who also has a crush on his social worker. He also has something gone between go between the main world and the surreal world of the Outback. It's pretty dark, despite a comedic sounding concept. Despite being a 90s Image comic, it's actually REALLY good (the first 20 issues at least). IDW's been doing a rerelease, and the first trade for that is gonna be out in a few months.

Oh crap that sounds really neat!! I’ll see if the library has it. :0

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